018. My Struggle As A Kidney Patient Part 11 – Second lease of life

Anybody who goes through an illness or near death experience, truly understands how precious life is and I am no exception.  For two years my life was a roller coaster. Physical pain, emotional turmoil combined with compromised quality of life.  I certainly defied death but I was not really living with dialysis, physical handicap andContinue reading “018. My Struggle As A Kidney Patient Part 11 – Second lease of life”

003. The Dark Nights

I opened my eyes and I saw Dinesh. Everything felt strange and unfamiliar. I asked him “what are you doing here?” He was holding my hand and told me I wasn’t well and that we are in hospital for my treatment. I was in shock and complete disbelief. Who? Me and unwell? And I driftedContinue reading “003. The Dark Nights”

002. The Day It Collapsed

The chest physician got me admitted in the hospital as the X-ray that day had shown a major lung congestion. Other than that, most of the reports were normal but I had breathing difficulty and major fatigue, so he had advised oxygen support, put me on steroids for immediate relief and I was also givenContinue reading “002. The Day It Collapsed”