017.My Struggle As kidney Patient Part 10: Not Without Them

Reading my journey, I am sure you must have noticed the tremendous support Dinesh and I have received from our family and friends.  Difficult times are true barometer of people who stand by you in your difficult times and I am extremely lucky in this department.  My illness got me closer to people with whomContinue reading “017.My Struggle As kidney Patient Part 10: Not Without Them”

005. Mind Plays Games

I made it to the new year! It’s our tradition to bring in the new year in Mahabaleshwar. We drive down on New Year’s Eve, buy the famous footwear that is a must when visiting Mahabaleshwar, have dinner at a dhaba and then drive back after 12. Dinesh is absolutely superstitious about this as heContinue reading “005. Mind Plays Games”