008.My Struggle As A Kidney Patient Part 1 Dos and Don’ts

Kidney failure is hard to live with. Some cancers can be curable but there is no cure for kidney failure, unless you can get a new kidney. Dialysis is a permanent thing till you get a kidney transplant or die. It is a tough condition and sucks life out of you. There are lot of Dos and Don’ts for a kidney patient, and the life experience of a person with kidney disease and dialysis isn’t the best.

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Indian Matchmaking : What A Mismatch!

Netflix Documentary

Indian Matchmaking, the new Netflix docu-series is the talk of the town. It has had a mixed response, but most of it has been negative. Everyone is talking about how the show is regressive and cringeworthy. The amusing part is that the people criticizing the show are mostly Indians. With 90% of the marriages in India are arranged marriages, what’s been shown in the series is a mirror to the arranged marriage matchmaking process.

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007. Getting Ready For A New Normal

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I was witnessing unprecedented changes in my life. Life had taken a 360 degrees turn.I was immobile, weak and now going to lead a life that I never thought of in my wildest dreams. I had to get ready for the new normal.

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Please Don’t Say That!

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Recently, a Pune newspaper carried an article about an obituary of a gentleman, in which it was notified that the funeral and last rights will be private, and the family wouldn’t meet people for a month for condolences. This went viral, was widely discussed and criticised. It got me thinking.

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