Day 28: Post 5 Things That Make you Laugh Out Loud

I can laugh easily and I laugh heartily too. So it really doesn’t take much for me to roll with laughter but these 5 things definitely make me laugh again and again. 

  1. OMJ : That is my daughter’s version of Oh My God. My niece is 8 years older than my daughter and is a big influence on her. This was like 7-8 years back.  My niece would often say “OMG” and somehow my doll picked it up.  In one of our conversations, she was frustrated and blurted out “OMJ” instead of OMG. The way she said was so innocent, funny and she was really trying to sound cool. The memory of that still makes me laugh. Sometimes we also end up saying “OMJ” to irritate her. 
  1. Videos from friends reunion: 3 years back my college gang of girls met for a union at a friend’s house at Bangalore. We had a great time. We got high and we danced through the night.  I have recording of these videos and I watch them often when I feel the need of a laughter therapy. The videos are extremely hilarious. 
  1. Chatur’s Speech from the movie  3 idiots – Whoever has seen this movie, know what I am talking about. It is an extremely funny scene and makes me laugh out loud every time I see that movie. 
  1. Sansa my cat: I have a patio and have lots of plants there. There is one particular planter which is empty as of now and it has become kind of her den. she often sits in it enjoying the sun and fresh air. She is so territorial about it that every time I am tending to my plants, she is there watching over me. Its quite fun to fool her during that time. 

Day 27: Write About An Area In Your Life That Is Kicking Ass Right Now

My writing and my counselling course are the two areas that is really kicking ass right now in my life. 

I started my blog Miracle Moments, to describe my health journey.  It was really tough to write about the sequence of events and my physical and emotional trauma but it was so cathartic. It helped me to deal with my emotions and I found the writer in me. I have always enjoyed writing.  I have always  maintained a diary but now I attempt to write on a lot of things. My blog has been received well. In matter of nine months I have 12000 views and I am really happy about it. 

It is one area , I am really looking forward to develop myself. I have enrolled myself for the creative writing course with Udemy and also attempting to write a short story and would like to write a novel in near future. 

The another area again inspired by my illness, is counselling.  I would like to become a counsellor or a wellness coach and help people to cope with their situation. I am doing few courses and I am learning so many new things about counselling as well as myself.  

I am excited about these two things and something in me tells me this is going to work out.  Amen!

Day 26: Write About An Area In Your Life You Would Like To Improve

It has to be the time management and minimising distractions. 

I have had a corporate job where I always got to demarcate between personal and professional life. While working you only work and once home you switch off from work. That worked fantastically! 

I do not work anymore and I have the whole day with me.  I Continue to have my domestic and motherly duties but not the professional ones. I am trying to complete a certification and looking to start a practice on my own and this is where I am really struggling. 

With pandemic everyone is home and that is making things worse. With me not having an “employment” per se, I feel my time and attention is being taken for granted. When I am studying there are questions question or disturbance which distracts me and I hate that.  I am really behind my certification course. I miss the boundaries that came with my job. 

Its not that my day is completely wasted but at the end of the day, only for few nights a week I feel accomplished. That is something I would like to improve. 

Any suggestions? Share them in comments box. 

Day 25: Think of Any Word. Search It On google Images. Write Something Inspired By 11th Image

I have recently joined a weight loss program and so healthy eating and exercise is on top of my mind. Additionally, today morning a close friend added me to a whatsapp group called “workouts”.  So obviously the word I chose was “workout” and this image came up on 11th spot. I loved it! It was definitely inspiring me to write around it. 

When I see this pic, it reminds me of the quote “ Talking care of yourself doesn’t mean me first, it means me too “. 

Women often neglect themselves as they are always put the needs of others before them. They end up paying heavy price for it be it on health front, professional or emotional.  It extracts too much out of them.  I am sure at some point of time, every woman has thought “I wished I hadn’t neglected myself” 

In the picture , I see a woman juggling motherhood and career but also prioritising herself and why not? The lady  is doing one of the most difficult core exercise of planks while working on her laptop and she has kept her daughter busy with a mobile. She is really making the best of what she has. Its actually a pretty exhausting picture but one should not get overwhelmed. The thought behind it for me seems to be “my health matters” It is ok to exercise while completing mundane office tasks and keep the child busy with mobile device, so she can finish her self care. 

Lets add “me” in the “I need to take care of” list.  Good luck! 

Day 24: Write About A lesson You have the Learnt The Hard Way

It has to be “Catch the signals and act on them” 

We often hear about “it was happening in front of me but I ignored and carried on” or “I could sense it but never thought it will happen to me”.  We often miss the signals and they are pretty much all around us.   That is a lesson I have learnt the hard way. 

I started this blog to describe my experience of deathly illness, and in it I have described extensively, how not catching the signals landed me in the trouble. When I think about my life in general, I lost many opportunities and just ignored the signals and could not achieve my potential to the fullest because of this. 

I will give you an example of my professional life. I worked with an IT company and my team had the maximum number of transformation projects. Every two year we had some or other transformation but one particular time, it got really tricky. We saw many execs leaving, restructuring was beyond our understanding, the new leadership had no passion and it was a signal. 

The time was right to make a move. I knew it was not going in right direction. I should have moved out but I didn’t . I loved my organisation and team that I worked with and I wanted to stay and thought I will always have a place here.

Its another thing I fell sick and I had to leave any ways but what would have happened if I had stayed? there were so many people asked to leave. Professionals always get into dilemma about professional loyalty, but we must be aware that same organisation lays you off once they cant afford you and you cannot afford to be unemployed. So catch the signals and act on them. 

At some level, we all get these signals  in our professional and personal life, but we don’t act on them thinking that worst things wont happen to us, or we will be able to mange it. But once they happen, they are devastating  and sets you back. So catch the signals and act!